Leadership Diagnostics

Jim Grant and Associates are regarded as experts in ‘leadership diagnostics’ – believing the diagnostics complement development by providing ‘data’ about an individual and/or team. They support a leader to better understand their individual strengths and weaknesses, by enabling them to become more self-aware.

Diagnostics can help leaders to understand how thinking styles can influence their reactions, what makes them tick, why they respond in a particular way, and how to shift towards more constructive modes of thinking, behaving and communicating with others.

Diagnostics can help individuals shift insight from guesswork or self-assessment to high-quality, robust and accurate data.

The Jim Grant and Associates team utilise a variety of diagnostic tools. A sample of this suite:
• Life Styles Inventory™ (LSI) (Human Synergistics Australia)
• Leadership Impact™ (Human Synergistics Australia)
• DiSC™
• The Mayer-Salovey-Caruso Emotional Intelligence Test™ (MSCEIT) (RUUM Model)
• 4MAT Learning Model
• Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team Model
• Business Acumen Gauge
• Mental Toughness Questionnaire™
• Culture Survey
• Emotional Competence Inventory™ (Human Synergistics Australia)
• HBDI – Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument
• GSI – Group Styles Inventory
• ILS/OCS – Climate and Styles (ILS/OCS) (previously known only as ILS- Inventory of Leadership Styles (Human Synergistics Australia)
• MBTI – Myers Briggs Type (Personality) Indicator
• LSW – Leadership style workbook (previously MSQ)
• HPT – High Performance Teams Questionnaire
• ISE – Influence Strategies Exercise
• Leadership Assessment / leadership development process
• PI – Political Intelligence
• TEQ – Team Effectiveness Questionnaire
• Ability Tests (Verbal, Numerical, Inductive) (SHL)
• Values Survey
• Recruitment Assessment
• Talent Q
• Team Alignment Survey