Some Tips For Great Coaching

Some Tips For Great Coaching To be a great coach it would be valuable to:
  • Understand that the expression of coaching is in emotions and feelings, conscious thought, and action
  • Think holistically about the person you are coaching
  • Have a good knowledge of people generally
  • Care about people, their growth and their capability and relationships
  • Take the time to know about the contexts – organisational, cultural, and structural – in which you are coaching
  • Listen, hear, understand, and engage in healthy dialogue while resisting inferences and premature judgements
  • Be capable of shaping thinking, releasing possibilities, and framing capacities
  • Shift people from problem to solution mode, so that the solution will be evident in changed behaviour
  • Believe that success in coaching is expressed – and only expressed – in changed behaviour
  • Be patient; valuing learning and tolerate failure